Study on German restructuring market 2019 confirms SMP's leading position in all operationally relevant areas of competence

SMP is one of the top three restructuring specialists in all phases of a crisis – for crisis companies with a turnover of up to 250 million euros, SMP even ranks first.


Struktur Management Partner is TOP CONSULTANT.

Struktur Management Partner jumped into the ranks of top consultants this year. Since the foundation of the company, SMP consultants have made a name for themselves with their expertise in turnaround management.


New IDW S6 relaxes focus on equity


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"Turnaround Management in Practice" is based on the experience of the authors stemming from three decades of consulting work; from analysis to concept to responsible hands-on management: turnaround-bestseller.de.


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Leaders in turnaround and growth.
As a pioneer in turnaround management in Germany, Struktur Management Partner has successfully set the standards in this field since its foundation in 1982. With more than 750 successful projects to date, we have developed a leading position in integrated turnaround consulting and particularly in responsible turnaround management.


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Training contents are: Developing your strengths in the areas of methodology, communication and leadership. The passion to understand companies as a whole, to develop concepts, to convince business leaders, employees and financiers. And finally, to consistently implement the measures as a manager. In a team that understands what team spirit means. Sounds exciting? Then: struktur-management-du.com


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All of our more than 750 successful and growth-oriented projects have one thing in common: We do not build castles in the air for our clients, but instead rely on concepts that are appropriate to the specific resources and solution competences of the respective company, and enable them to do business profitably in the long term.
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