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In addition to effective immediate measures for liquidity management, the development of a practicable and convincing - because value-oriented - turnaround concept and the successful, fast and effective implementation of the necessary turnaround and growth measures are essential. This is where our clients benefit from our experience from over 750 successful turnaround projects and our excellent reputation with financiers, entrepreneurial families and experts. Talk to us - we can do a lot for you.

On behalf of the management team, Georgiy Michailov

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A challenging goal.

As part of the continuous further development of Struktur Management Partner, we have committed ourselves to the most demanding goal of a management consultancy: absolute customer satisfaction.

To ensure that this does not remain an empty marketing phrase, we have aligned our entire corporate philosophy with that goal - both our sophisticated value-oriented methodology and the intellectual attitude of our employees. The touchstone for actual customer satisfaction is and remains our recommendation rate, which currently lies at 98%. Every year, we receive around 25 testimonials from our clients, who rate the quality of cooperation and, above all, the results of our projects in a few sentences. Due to our discretion, we provide such personal testimonials of individual customers only on request, however with the details of the relevant contact persons, who can provide information about topic- or industry-specific references.

Beyond that, in the Awards section you will also find our current ratings by colleagues, competitors, clients or financiers - anonymously and evaluated by independent experts.

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