The six digital value levers
of Struktur Management Partner

How do you become digitally (more) successful?

Only a very few medium-sized companies are satisfied with the results of their digitalization efforts. Too often, value is destroyed through frantic digital actionism, superficial "innovation theatre" and a lack of digital know-how.

Our digital performance expert team will help you to stay on course for a successful digital future, even in turbulent times. With an experienced view from the outside, the effectiveness of results anchored in our DNA, a proven systematic approach, passion for digital technologies and with profound change management and implementation experience gained in almost 40 years.

Our core competence, proven in more than 750 projects, in developing and implementing transformation programs that are effective in the short and medium term, is becoming even more relevant as a result of the corona crisis.

Let's rethink "Digital Transformation" together as effective "Digital Performance"!

Typical situations in which we support our medium-sized customers:

  • Companies that are preparing for the digital future despite an excellent economic situation or wish to review their existing digital strategy together with independent external experts.
  • Companies that have already come under strategic pressure and have to reposition themselves digitally in the medium to long term.
  • Companies that have to take effective digitalization measures at very short notice due to an earnings or liquidity crisis.
  • Financial investors who want to gain a deep understanding of the digital professionalism, sustainability and potential of a target or portfolio company in the course of a digital due diligence.
  • Companies that have already developed a digital strategy, but still need to convince their external financing partners to do so.

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The five typical levels of digital transformation:



Based on an unbiased analysis of your initial situation, we develop an ambitious and realistic digital strategy and roadmap together. Tailor-made for your individual company situation, strength-oriented, pragmatic.



Together with your specialist departments, we translate the digital strategy into tangible packages of measures along the six digital value levers. We evaluate and prioritize these according to their effectiveness and implementation duration.



Establishment of a digital governance system that consistently drives the digital transformation with finesse. Accompanied by effective change management and with the goal of increasing the adaptability and speed of innovation of the organization.



Identification of the digital competencies in the three areas of organisation, data and technology that are critical for the digital transformation of your company. Comparison with the current situation and development of a concept to close the gaps.



Creation of a strong digital ecosystem around the value proposition of your company, which increases customer value and creates real synergies.


Our approach:

A pragmatic start with a workshop to determine the digital maturity together with the first and second management level of your company has proven itself in the past. This is where we mirror our external perception and experiences with internal expertise, discuss the relevance of digital trends for your business, look at examples of digitally successful medium-sized companies and discuss the digital development directions of competitors, platforms and interesting start-ups.

[+ see phase model]


The developed hypotheses and prioritized issues serve as a basis for a two to three week analysis phase, at the end of which a realistic picture of the initial situation as well as the opportunities, risks, strengths and weaknesses of your company are presented.


In a second workshop we jointly reflect on the findings and derive a meaningful strategic roadmap.

In less than four weeks it is usually clear what needs to be done and how. We are also happy to assist you in the subsequent detailed elaboration and implementation.


In doing so, we are measured by our results and can draw on a proven ecosystem of numerous relevant partners with complementary specific digital competencies (for example machine learning).

Our customers appreciate not only the precise figures, data and facts about our concepts, but also their practical effectiveness. Because this is how we achieve real increases in performance.

The recommendation rate of 98% of our customers encourages us in our extraordinary approach.

Talk to us, we speak your language – no matter whether you are an entrepreneur, private equity investor, financier or responsible for operations. We will accompany you on the path of digital transformation: in a spirit of financial and performance-based partnership.

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