If the negative changes in your business activities are sustained, you should definitely try to talk to all (!) financing partners and discuss an action plan in the best possible way.

At the latest, this is the phase in which you should also talk to specialists for crisis communication. Because now new contacts are also appearing on the part of your financiers.

Just as your market advisor receives support within his institute, you too should be provided with special expertise: with legal advice as well as with operational advice.

We’ll advise and support you in this phase without any ifs and buts.

Because what entrepreneurs need in such a critical situation is usually a restructuring expert opinion or a continuation concept, which an independent third party (restructurer, turnaround manager) should provide. (see adjacent illustration)

It is important that in this time of uncertainty, nervousness and blame, you keep control of your actions. Talk to our experts in corporate finance and sophisticated stakeholder management – we know what to do, know your financiers and enjoy their high level of trust. Above all, however, we know how the requirements for your communication management and reporting change in situations that endanger your company's existence!

"Advance communication" in a crisis

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Your contact for financial communication:

Dr. Hans-Joachim Grabow
Senior Advisor
Dipl.-Kaufmann, MSc, EMCCC (Insead)
Email to Dr. Hans-Joachim Grabow
T +49 (0)221 91 27 30 - 70

Your contact for demanding stakeholder management:

Konrad Fröhlich
Senior Partner
Email to Konrad Fröhlich
T +49 (0)221 91 27 30 - 32