First measure:

We’ll help you to secure or restore your solvency as quickly as possible. To this end, we’ll obtain bridging financing – usually with your existing financers. Our success rate is 95%.

To the procedure: First we’ll prepare a "liquidity status", i.e. we’ll check whether all your liabilities can be met. Not only, but above all, to determine whether there is a risk of insolvency, we’ll also make use of the expertise of experienced lawyers. If the status and 3-week forecast are cautiously optimistic, we will concentrate on "liquidity planning" that convinces all stakeholders in the following 13 weeks.


Second measure:

We’ll develop a realistic business case that shows the perspectives of your company as transparently as possible. Because only on such a comprehensible and convincing foundation will alternative financing solutions or the search for new lenders succeed. To this end, we’ll call in our own and financial restructuring experts.

We can find further instruments and experts among our network partners (see figure opposite).

Equally important: Our proven methodology, which quickly and specifically creates transparency with regard to liquidity-creating measures, receivables, inventories and possible stakeholder contributions. We focus on those potentials that we can draw on within the company itself.



The SMP financing network

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financing security graph

Third measure:

We’ll prepare a professional restructuring or continuation report according to IDW S6/BGH with a clear growth perspective for your banks and other financiers.

At the end of this phase, you can rely on our 30-year reputation in the financial community, our proven negotiation strategies and, above all, on our negotiating skills.


Absolutely first measure:

Get in touch with our experts.

Your contact for short-term financing coverage:

Dietmar Buchfink
Managing Partner
Techn. Dipl.-Kaufmann
Email to Dietmar Buchfink
T +49 (0)221 91 27 30 - 68

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