Focusing on the adjusting screws that quickly produce positive results. Because nothing motivates people more than quickly visible success.



Focusing on clear, respectful communication and formulating realistic goals.
Because nothing is better suited to create trust than clarity, transparency and realism.



Focusing on those responsible for measures and the management tools required for project success.
Because nothing is more effective in the fight against myths, alibis and excuses than results that are updated daily and managers who want and can take on responsibility!


And what is the actual final result of that?

100% transparency
100% consistency
100% comprehensibility
100% plausibility
95% success rate

Sorry, nobody is perfect! But our implementation experts have the ambition to further improve that value. So give them the opportunity to do so. Here.

The four performance-enhancing dimensions of our implementation management:

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  • >330
    implementation projects
  • >95%
    success rate
  • approx. 90%
    of our concepts are implemented
  • approx. 6 months
    implementation duration

Your contact for implementation management:

Marc-René Faerber
Managing Partner
Dipl.-Wi.-Ing., EMCCC (Insead)
Email to Marc-René Faerber
T +49 (0)221 91 27 30 - 57

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