SMP7 – The triad of effective implementation

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Success has many fathers, but only one ROADMAP

One of the fathers of successful implementation is a transformation concept that has pre-formulated an effective implementation programme based on the quality of its analysis results. The second prerequisite for successful implementation is a review of the business model from a value-creating perspective. Adjusted to each other and interconnected, both planning elements form the basis for the actual conversion ROADMAP.

Our seven-step implementation ROADMAP

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>> 70% of all implementation initiatives fail even though they are based on mature, sometimes even innovative concepts.<<

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The achievement of objectives is crucial, but how can it be ensured?

The answer to this question of all (implementation) questions consists of two partial answers:
(a) effective performance management;
(b) by means of targeted performance monitoring.

In our opinion, performance management is effective if it keeps a close eye on the implementation processes and results, reacts quickly to deviations and keeps the attention of those involved high with the help of proven standards and feedback forums. That is why our performance management instrument is called "Performance Cycle®" and is based on our PLAN - PROMOTE - PUSH - PROOF - (RE-)PLAN cycle logic.

If the Performance Cycle ensures that the project organization is running according to plan in terms of quality and quantity, our "Performance Radar®" monitoring tool is responsible for monitoring the processes so that possible project risks can be quickly identified and eliminated along the search fields of "promoters" (stakeholder management), "people" (employee empowerment), "projects" (control and monitoring) and "problem solutions" (issue management).

In short: In order for intended changes to become successful implementations, both permanently effective performance management (via control loop logic = "cycle") and targeted performance monitoring (via promoters, people, projects and problem solutions = "radar") are required.

For a detailed description of the "Performance Cycle/Radar®" of Struktur Management Partner please refer to the current SMP7 brochure.

What now? A self-test.

So before you start your next implementation initiative and if you are interested to find out how to effectively include the SMP7 implementation management outlined here in your company, we recommend our self-test with direct evaluation. We would appreciate your self-test!

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  • >330
    implementation projects
  • >95%
    success rate
  • approx. 90%
    of our concepts are implemented
  • approx. 6 months
    implementation period

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