Value generators sought – and found

As turnaround and growth managers, we are predestined to support you in this. Our core competence is the quick identification and the effective lifting of value creators.

In contrast to measures to increase earnings, which are based on a holistic but static organisational model, our performance programs are designed dynamically. (See figure opposite.)

We proceed as follows:


Examples of "Value Producers in Changing Organizations”

Performance value-creating projects concepts


Performance value-creating solutions


Performance value-creating promoters



An output check gives us information on a) how efficiently the added value is created and on b) how effectively the organisation cooperates.

The performance data collected are weighted and evaluated from the outset with a view to rapidly effective improvement measures.



Our performance programs, which are individually developed according to the state of the organisation and potential for improvement, are holistic in their approach, but follow the psychology of the changing organisation or team. This means that based on the – to be determined – core strength(s) of a company, the performance-relevant structural and process-related measures are prioritized with regard to their success potential and transferred into an implementation plan with consistent quantification.



In order to actually achieve the desired effectiveness of the performance-enhancing implementation projects, the implementation design is crucial. This is determined according to which promoters, projects and/or problem solutions are particularly suitable for generating a high level of attention and acceptance on the part of the employees. These are decisive for the output (increase in performance / increase in yield / increase in value) of any measures.


We start working with our clients in cross-functional teams (client, SMP) by analysing what is. As your structure management partner, we structure this process, ensure transparency in business and performance management and "rush" to anything that could create value in order to nurture, maintain and strengthen it. We generally find what we are looking for in the areas of sales, operations, processes, digitalization and corporate finance.

Ask our experienced fitnesstrainer and managing partner Georgiy Michailov and our partner David Südi. Their PMI (Performance Management Index) is well above the market average!

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