In order to successfully and powerfully support companies in radical change phases such as the current COVID-19 crisis, we have developed SMP7. This is both an extremely effective implementation methodology as well as an effective toolkit (e.g. ProChange), which has been successfully proven in over 350 projects.

In addition to the classic principles for successful management, which are reflected in SMP7, there are other aspects critical to success that must be taken into account in remote management. Thus, increased transparency and discipline are crucial for the successful achievement of objectives by geographically scattered teams. While it is possible to quickly clarify something in a shared office, the probability of misunderstandings is much higher in remote collaboration. That is why daily check-in and check-out with the team is recommended. This gives the employees structure in their working day and helps them to adjust priorities promptly. The transparency of achieved successes and the need for action also significantly reduces "nasty" surprises.

>> Managers spend 80% of their time on verbal communication; they are communication workers. <<

Prof. Dr.
Henry Mintzberg,
Management theoretician

Most important for the acceptance and efficiency of remote collaboration is the right technical basis: In addition to classic collaboration tools, digital Scrum or Kanban boards as well as our self-developed, web-based project management tool "ProChange" have proven themselves.

Successful remote management is first-class work. Let's talk about first-class tools.

ProChange is a clearly structured, easy-to-understand and web-based project management tool. It enables you to set up individual projects quickly and easily, define sub-projects and work packages, assign tasks and define responsibilities and deadlines.

The tool can be used from anywhere and by several people simultaneously. The number of users is unlimited. In daily video or telephone conferences, you can discuss the topics, define next steps, and collectively make updates according to the new conditions.

We have created a template called "Emergency Mode in Practice" and have already defined the most important projects and work packages - based on our experience in crisis situations - in order to make it easier for you to set up the project "Survival in the COVID-19 Phase". Individual, company-specific adjustments are of course easily possible.

We will provide the first 20 interested companies with the tool "ProChange" for free use during the COVID-19 crisis phase. Our colleagues will be happy to support you actively in setting up the project as well as in further steps.

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But even in such critical crisis phases, the further development of the business model must not be neglected. Physical absence does not eliminate the obligation to increase performance!

The currently available collaboration tools enable us and our clients to conduct workshops effectively: Together we scribble on digital whiteboards, prioritize measures and value levers through virtual scoring, conduct digital real-time assessments, and develop viable turnaround or transformation programs.

The biggest challenge of remote management, however, is to build and expand stakeholder trust. This is where clear 360-degree communication and consistency are particularly helpful.

But you might also like to consider joint virtual coffee rounds or a check-out afterwork drink!

Your contact in the COVID-19 phase:

Georgiy Michailov
Managing Partner
Dipl.-Volkswirt, B.M. (TSUoE)
Email to Georgiy Michailov
T +49 (0)221 91 27 30 - 15

Your contact for digital performance:

Jan Rodig
Email to Jan Rodig
T +49 (0)221 / 91 27 30 - 32

Your expert for ProChange:

Benjamin Klenk
Email to Benjamin Klenk
T +49 (0)221 91 27 30 - 70

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