The SMP Wertschleife®

The SMP Wertschleife® includes five value dimensions.

  1. The company-specific and market-differentiating value positioning to be determined.
  2. A stringently derived value offer.
  3. Value creation that safeguards the value offer both effectively and efficiently.
  4. An innovative and profitable value creation as well as
  5. all value dimensions (1-4) actively managing managers and instruments, the positive results of which we define as value discipline.

As our illustration on the right shows, our business model approach follows a systematic approach that begins with value positioning, is continuously fed back in a dynamic cycle and thus describes a value stream that is both controlled and adaptive. That is why we call our systematic-dynamic approach SMP Wertkreislauf® (value cycle).

Together with you, we would be happy to modulate your business model according to value standards and thus align it permanently to profitability. Talk to our experts – they know your industry and know where to start.

Your contact for business model redesign:

Georgiy Michailov
Managing Partner
Dipl.-Volkswirt, B.M. (TSUoE)
Email to Georgiy Michailov
T +49 (0)221 91 27 30 - 15

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